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New Blackbox Paper
21 Apr 2015


A new paper has been published based on the Blackbox data: 37 Million Compilations: Investigating Novice Programming Mistakes in Large-Scale Student Data

The paper was written by Amjad Altadmri and Neil Brown (both working in our group at the University of Kent).

You can find a full copy of the paper here.

(If you have any papers planned or published related to Blackbox, please tell us — we would like to mention them here.)

Blackroom Open
10 Mar 2014


The Blackroom is a community site for researchers who are signed up to work with the Blackbox data collection project.

We are pleased to launch the Blackroom (based on our existing Blueroom/Greenroom technology) as a space for researchers to discuss issues related to the Blackbox data collection project, and share information, code and tools. If you are interested in the Blackbox project, contact us at


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