[Bluej-discuss] Important features for BlueJ - suggestion

Bruce Quig bruce.quig at infotech.monash.edu.au
Mon Mar 3 12:52:37 EST 2003

Just to clarify about Font size for printing, this setting was added in 
the latest beta (1.3.0 beta 1) .  The setting key is 
bluej.fontsize.printText and can be found in bluej.defs.  Earlier 
versions could customise onscreen representation but not printing.


Michael Kölling wrote:

> On Sunday, Mar 2, 2003, at 19:51 Europe/Copenhagen, Eugene Ageenko wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I have tried to use BlueJ in my class (I teach OOP at University of 
>> Joensuu,
>> Finland).
>> I have found the environment quite nice, easy and helpful, though 
>> there are
>> few VERY ANNOING features, which could be (IMHO) easily fixed. 
>> Strange that
>> nobody pointed attention at this before.
> What makes you think that no one has?
>> 1. BlueJ starts jawa environment (java.exe), which runs in a separate
>> console window under Windows platform. Closing the window will close 
>> BlueJ.
>> This is rather confusing and annoing. Though solution is quite simple:
>> instead of running java.exe, one have to run javaw.exe. Interesting that
>> users of intelliJ IDEA have noticed it, and explained how to modify 
>> it for
>> IDEA in the starting batch file. Same could be done for BlueJ as well.
> This has been discussed at length recently on this list. A quick check 
> of the archives would have shown you. We left the window there because 
> it is used to display possible error output, and in dealing with 
> beginners this is easier to locate if we have to provide help than 
> finding log files.
>> 2. It is close to impossible to print Java source code from BlueJ. 
>> Reason:
>> font size is too big. It can fit about 50 symbols per line. As result 
>> lines
>> are severely wrapped, which braks all the formatting. It cold be nice to
>> introduce font size settings somewhere or reduce the font size a bit.
> There IS a font size setting in bluej.defs. If you are not familiar 
> with this, please check
>   http://www.bluej.org/help/archive.html#tip4
> Michael

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