[Bluej-discuss] Unable to create virtual machine

Todd O'Bryan toddobryan at mac.com
Wed Oct 20 02:46:19 EST 2004

My students just started using BlueJ today. Well, they tried to. It 
runs fine for me as an Administrator, but they keep getting "Unable to 
create virtual machine" messages that kill the whole program. Since I 
don't think the TCP/IP settings are different for the two types of 
accounts, it seems like the FAQ version of the problem is not the 
problem. (Though I guess it could be. Can somebody tell me how to 
check? We're not using a firewall.)

The machines are fairly locked down so that students can't run programs 
except in specified directories. Which ones need to be open for BlueJ 
to work?


P.S. Please help quickly. I had to threaten them and let them log in as 
an Administrator or waste the whole period.

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